About Us

As a child living in Mexico City, I often worked in my relative's clothing stores. I was always drawn to the most current styles and accessories. I had hoped that one day, I would be able to own a clothing business.  My passion for unique fashions and styles finally culminated with the purchase of my first store located in Medford, Oregon. I feel I have a natural flare for fashion, and with the help of my daughter, Vivi's Fashion has blossomed into a successful clothing business for the discerning woman.


In addition to fine fashion, we offer accessories for everyday as well as special events. This “one-stop” shop has competitive prices that are not found anywhere else in the  region. We specialize in personalized shopping and offer our unique catalog for any items not in stock.        


After over nine years at our former location, we have expanded to its current location where we are able to offer a larger selection of refined fashions at a convenient location.